Sunday, April 13, 2014

How To Maintain Moisture in Protective Style

Hello loves, the summer is approaching so that means more fun in the sun.  It also means more opportunities to rock some protective styles while trying to maintain length.  I recently just put in some box braids because my hair is super thick and plus I was really tired of doing my hair.  One of my biggest concerns is retaining length while I am doing this protective style, so I did a little research on how to maintain moisture.  There were so many options to choose from, I just did what is convenient for me since I am always on the go.  Here are some tips on how I maintain moisture:

Spray Bottle

Fav. Conditioner

Any of your fav. essential oils.

After all the ingredients are mix together, just make sure you spray close to your scalp and massage all the way through evenly.  For my regiment, I spray my hair every other day just to make sure my hair will not dry out.  Hope you enjoyed.  Also let me know what are some of your daily moisture for protective styles.  XOXO, NGO

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Castor Oil Challenge

Hey there LOVES!!!!!!! Just wanted to swing by and give you a little challenge for this brutal cold weather that we are having right now.  So I've been reading the benefits of castor oil and what it can do for your natural hair.  The benefits are wonderful but the texture and smell is horrible, but I'm sure it's all worth it in the end.  Castor oil is full with omega 3s and fatty acids to promote hair growth.   When applied on hair and scalp, castor oil stimulates hair growth, charges up blood circulation and frees the scalp of any bacterial and fungal infections and dandruff.  I just started my little castor oil challenge that will be continuing from February to June, please feel free to jump right on in and join me on our natural hair journey to beautiful, luscious, thick hair.

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